“A roll of the die” (week 10)

OK well first off I guess I should apologise ahead of this weeks posting as of the two items randomly generated (honestly they are randomly generated!) the first are becoming rather familiar, and the second is not really a wargaming piece at all. Anyway last Saturday’s toss of the coin came up heads (Lancelot’s list), and the roll of the die gave me numbers…..unpaint god

Box 11 (2x bases, 15mm Demonworld Knights (yet again!))

Box 27 (A 95mm tall “Deform” model of Godzilla by Amaquest)

So once again I based up the last ten of these armoured chaps (yes that’s it there are no more so I promise they wont be back again next week!) upon strips of wood for ease of painting then undercoated them with a coat of matt black. Next they were given a heavy dry-brushing of chain mail paint before the one in skirts had said items painted a bark demonworld 3royal blue which was then highlighted a lighter bright blue. The scabbards for their knives were next, chocolate brown highlighted with leather brown did for them and finally some shinning gold/ light gold accent’s finished them off. They were then based on some hexagonal cardboard (still can’t find the blooming proper ones!!) bases, these were then covered with “Tetrion” filler, painted brown highlighted green and flocked to match the others. I can’t believe these kept coming up but now at least they are all done.

Now I am a huge “Godzilla” fan with quite a few of his movies in my collection, so when I spotted this great little kit in a Manchester model shop years ago I had to have it, but as with so many things his box sat on my table, then on a shelf and finally forgotten up in thegodzilla deform loft for many a year. Until I started this painting generator thing that is, and I decided to add him to the list. First thing to do was trim the parts to get a decent fit (or at least get them close to each other) copious (and I use the word literally) amounts of “Greenstuff” was used to fill the gaps there his lower legs and tail base met the upper body, and another small ring was applied where the rest of his tail joined to it’s base to hide the join. Painting began with a coat of matt black over which a heavy dry-brushing of matt black/ deep bronze green mix was applied, then a dry-brush of just bronze green and finally a light dry-brush of stone green/ light grass green mix over the ridges on his skin. His back fins were highlighted around the edges with stone green and cream (mixed on the model) and his eyes, teeth and claws were built up in layers of chocolate brown, coffee and cream, his gums are pink burgundy and his irises are orange highlighted with citrus orange. After all this I gave him a coat of “Quickshade” to darken him down a bit before finally highlighting his eyes with a dot of white and the edges of his back fins with a pale blue/ white very light dry-brush. Once dry both this, the above  and below were given a coat of matt varnish. I absolutely love this little guy, he’s so full of character, he will have to have pride of place somewhere in the house (my wife isn’t aware of this yet, but I’m sure she’ll be fine about it!).

old supersOnce again while I had the “Quickshade” out (and while I had some more two pence pieces), I gave the last two of my old superheroes a coating and re-based them to match my new “super’s”, I now have all four of my “Fantastical Foursome” finished (the ladies and gents in the blue spandex and white belts, for the other three see last weeks post).

That will do for now, so till next week, Cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 10)

  1. I think your first photo of all the models laid out makes that Godzilla look a lot bigger than it really is and thought for a second you were going to show the Knights taking on the King of Monsters in a St.George vs Dragon shot 🙂 Lovely painting though on all concerned once again and I could quite merrily keep looking at pictures of you painting 15mm Knights as I think your style really works for them. Your Godzilla is truly awesome though and I’m tempted to track down one for myself. I’m surprised “The Army Painter” don’t get you to do some tutorials/adverts for their “Quickshade” as your use of it is staggeringly good. Absolutely love your colour schemes on the Superfigs – especially the female speedster Split-Second. Any chance of a group shot of “The Fantastical Foursome”? Great start to the weekend imho 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Ha ha! I did think of doing a shot of the knights fighting the “G” man but couldn’t bet a decent shot that showed the detail of both types of figure (big and small). There is a Godzilla by Amaquest on Ebay at the moment, but though the box is identical to mine the figure is different (though funnily it is the same as on the box unlike mine was!), it’s £19.95 I think (I paid £9.95 for mine all those years ago!).

    I don’t know about my skill with the Quickshade I just slap it on over my painted figs, it’s not as skillful as your use of washes and inks (I’ve never really got a handle on all that myself). I.m glad you like the supers “the Quickster” (pinched that name off of a Spongbob episode by the way) was painted in a “Colour Party” silk sheen colour that I bought years ago because I liked the colour but didn’t have an immediate use for but have since used a few times. (lastly on the giesha zombie from a few weeks back). I should be able to do a group shot of the “FF” at some point.

    I’ve finally got some money together and hope to send of to Irregular Miniatures in the next day or two and get my “Very British Civil War” and “Pirate” figures, though I don’t know whether to get my wife to put them away for xmas now? And I also hope to post off the “Supers” greens I did a few weeks back along with some other greens to the caster (and get a restock for WSD) in the next week as well. So it’s all good. Off the your site’s now for my daily dose of Klerix!

  3. Roger, you read my mind. I immediately went to Ebay and saw that Godzilla just as soon as I read your posting. Spooky 🙂 Actually I thought it was the same as yours until I spotted the mouth was open, and then I saw the cost and the Post & Packaging. Perhaps another day… I need to save my pennies anyway as I’m looking forward to painting up some of those new models you’re getting cast just as soon as they come on sale. Take Care.

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