“A roll of the die” (week 9)

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows! Well actually it dosen’t unpaint 10go round at all but you get what I mean, this weeks toss of the die was on Lancelot’s (heads) list and consisted of…

Box 21 (3x 28mm Doctor Who Cybermen)

Box 23 (2x 20mm six wheeled APC by GZG (with wheels by Irregular Miniatures))

Now before I start on the Cybermen I would just like to say that I in no way condone the producing of re-casts of another persons figures without a licence from said person. So when I bought these figures I did not (and I’m still not sure to be honest) know that they were re-casts of (I think) the old Games Workshop Dr Who range, they might actually be original figures, but the quality of the cybermencasts is so poor compared to the “Ice Warrior” figures I own from the same range that I do have my suspicions that these are not the genuine articles. However as I have had these many years now (I bought them not long after I first got into wargaming and didn’t even know about re-casting at the time) when their number came up I decided to finally throw some paint at them. So after being undercoated in black they were dry-brushed silver, some detail bits on their chests were picked out in “blue steel” paint and they were “Quickshaded”. Their bases were done in the same brown/green and flock as my other Dr Who figures.

Now the APC’s are a bit of a “hotchpotch” I bought my first one of from Jon at GZG in a box of 15mm bits he was selling off at a show, glued together but with no wheels so while there I went over to Irregulars stand and bought some 20mm truck wheels that seemed to fit, now when I wanted to order some more I had to send a picture of the original to himAPC 10 and he told me that the top and bottom were never intended to be used together, but he kindly cast me up some more, after this more wheels were ordered from “Irreg” and behold my 20mm vehicle of choice. This pair were firstly undercoated black as usual and everything but the tyres and windscreen was then painted “Deep bronze green” after this using a very knackered and splayed out brush I stippled on first a mixture of Deep Bronze green/Stone green, followed by a Kharki/Coffee mixture. Once was dry I added the lights and numbers and gave it a coat of “Quickshade” and finally dry-brushed the lower halves in light brown to represent a bit of road dirt.

rebase supers 1 While up in the loft looking for the APC’s above I came across some of my other Superheroes figures (that I’ve been searching for, for a while now) so while I had the “Quickshade out” I gave six of them (I could only find five two pence pieces and a big rebase supers 2washer!) a coat over their rather simple paint jobs and then re-based them to match in with my later stuff, I’m pleased with the improvement.

All of the above were then spayed with matt varnish to finish then off. A pretty simple weeks painting really, the hardest part was getting hold of a new can of Humbrol matt varnish, I finally got it from a local model shop only for them to announce that they are closing today (Saturday), so now I’ll have to hunt down somewhere else to get it from next time, oh well….

Till next week, Cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 9)

  1. Splendid stuff as ever, though I did have to squint to see some of the detail on those Cybermen. I think I have some of them myself somewhere and certainly hope they’re better cast than those of yours 🙂 Still you’ve done a really good with them and I think the quickshade has turned out really on them. Lovely story behind the APCs, and so typical of the excellent GZG customer service. Amazingly some of those old “Westwind” Superfigs you’ve rebased were some of my first minis as well and the Devil’s Knight one was my inspiration for a Cartoon Villain I still draw today called “Halloween”. They’re really lovely models and before “7TV” Superfigs was definitely my super-hero ruleset of choice 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Yes the more I look at the cybermen the more sure I am of their dodgy origins, I have the first three doctors that I bought at the same time on the list to do as well and they’re not much better, still I guess you live and learn.

    Jon Tuffly is a top bloke to do business with and a funny man to boot.

    I still love the superfigs range the “Giantess” or “Miss Massive” as I call her is one of my all time favourite figures. I could do with some more villains really as I now have enough heroes (not that, that has ever stopped me!).

    Cheers Roger.

  3. You’ve really done a stonkingly good job on those Superfigs. Love the iceman variant and “Miss Massive”… now that sounds like a good name for a cartoon super-heroine 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Glad you like the “Supers” Simon, I forgot to mention that the Iceman or “Frostbite” as I call him wasn’t quickshaded but just rebased and varnished the others from lest to right are “Ariel” in yellow (as she can fly), “Flashfire” and “Jack’o’lantern” in picture one and “Frostbite” Miss Massive” and “Elastoman” in picture two.

    Cheers Roger.

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