28mm Sci-Fi Wild West “or the good the bad and the greenstuff” (part 3)

Well first off apologies for the lateness of this posting, sorry! It was always going to be touch and go as to whether I got them finished in time but as the week progressed it became more and more apparent that it just wasn’t going to happen, the real world has conspired against me in so many ways this week you wouldn’t believe (I even opened the wrong tin when it came time to “quickshading” these figures and nearly covered them in brown paint instead before I noticed!). Anyhow they are finished now so here they are….

My leader chappie I gave brown leather trousers so he had to have black boots and belt for cow 11a bit of contrast. Then a cream shirt and grey waistcoat were added along with a black hat as he is supposed to be a bit of a baddie. I gave all of the figures a splash of bright red somewhere about their person to try and tie them all together as a coherent group.

The poncho wearing fellow I gave a pale pink shirt, brown poncho with cream tassels, bluecow 12 jeans and brown leather accessories, red bandannas and pale buff sombrero (I think he’s still my favourite).

The third chap was given a really simple paintjob, blue jeans and cow 13brown belt and boots, with a pale yellow shirt. I was not at all happy with the colour of the shirt to start with as this was also supposed to be the base colour for the next chaps “duster” style long coat as well but was just far too yellow so I ended up repainting the coat again in a very pale brown buff colour (the same as a couple of the hats as it happens), but now it is quickshaded the shirt doesn’t look too bad.

As I just said the chap in the long coats second paint scheme looked much better than the first and once highlighted with coffee actually worked quite well. I went for another pinkcow 14 undershirt and light grey pants (you cant really see these but believe me they’re there), he too went for the black boots and hat option and as it was the only place I could find  to add  bit of red I gave it a band of that colour. His coat still looks wrong to me were it lays against his gun at the front though.

cow 15Lastly the guy aiming his rifle got yet another pair of blue jeans and brown boots, with a grey waistcoat over a cream shirt. Plenty of bits to paint red on this chap and another buff sombrero on his back, once finished I was pretty happy with this one too.

All in all they’re not bad, I’d probably give them six out of ten, whether I managed to pull off the 2000AD comic style look I was after I’m not sure, but at least I now know that I can get something a little along the lines of what I’m looking to achieve with these figures. I might take a couple of weeks off before I attempt the next faction (the Kroot probably). So it’ll be back to the random paint generator next week I think.

Cheers Roger.

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6 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi Wild West “or the good the bad and the greenstuff” (part 3)

  1. Blax Kleric says:

    Ah… another posting at last. I was just starting to get the shakes as I feared I was about to go without my traditional weekend ‘Rantings’ fix 🙂 I was actually only expecting a couple of these Amigos to be painted this week, so you’ve clearly been highly industrious with the paint brush in order to complete the lot. I think your paint job really pulls these guys together as a group, and I especially like the way the quick shading came out. Good choice as opposed to simply painting them entirely brown 😛 Looking forward to seeing a battle report with these guys and can’t wait to see what your treasures your drawers hold for the next couple of weeks – They always hold a blast from the past for me 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon, sorry just found your comment while i ws in my wordpress account and had to apporove it (I guess thats why you’ve got the groovy pic by your name now). Things have been a little hectic around here the last couple of weeks what with applicatons for jobs for Myles and looking round sixth form schools for Matthew, but I have nearly finnished the stuff for tommorows post. so I should be on time this week (shouldn’t tempt fate like that should I!). I have been keeping up with the three blogs of yours that I follow though the internet has been on the fritz a bit this week, good to see you painting again and nice job on the Groot and Rocket figures (I did get half way through a comment to that effect on you fantorical blog the other night before my connection went “poof!!”

    Yes I think I will stick with the quickshade option over the matt brown as it leaves the details underneath a bit clearer (and I should probably stop trying to get things done ten min’s before I’m due to leave for work!).

    Cheers Roger.

  3. blaxkleric says:

    No worries Roger. I think WordPress was being a bit too clever for its own good as somehow its tried linking with another account of mine – hence the Kickstarter icon image. Hopefully I’ve resolved this now. Still not getting in as much painting as I’d like, though the B7 and Groot postings had some incredible hits, but I am at least reading more comics as a result of the comics blog. There’s another issue of “The Thing” reviewed here [cue cheeky blog plug]: http://thebrownbagaeccb.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/the-thing-2-marvel-comics.html
    Looking forward to your posting tomorrow. Take care 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    To late I’ve already seen the new “Thing” posting, and though I’m not really a massive fan of a lot of these new comics though the artwork is stil really good it is somehow sanitised and it doesn’t appeal to me like the old 70’s style ones do (an exception being “Marvels” by Alex Ross which is simply georgeous). But must admit I am getting tempted by the Thing comics you review. And the Rocket Racoon looks fun too.

  5. The Rocket Raccoon stuff is very good, and certainly inspirational when it comes to painting up Heroclix minis. I’ve more than a few “The Thing” issues coming, especially as I’ll be creeping back in time with a number of titles over the next few months. I actually started the blog to catalogue my old titles but I keep buying new issues as I think ‘Oh, that looks fun to review!”, thus most of the titles are pretty recent at the moment.

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