“A roll of the die” (week 7)

The thing with having a randomly generated set of figures to paint each week is that it is just that “random”, so I suppose it shouldn’t have really come as a surprise (after tossing the coin and getting tails “Galahad” again) that the two numbers that came up on the die both referred to 25/28mm fantasy figures, I have done most of my gaming in these scales after all. Anyway the exact numbers and figures were…fanpir

Box 4 (3x 28mm fantasy figures (of my choice))

Box 7 (3x 25mm fantasy townsfolk (of my choice))

As both of these draws contain more than a weeks worth of painting I’ve decided to allow myself the choice of any three of what is left in the draw at the time of picking, the box will remain uncrossed off until all the figures therein are painted and can come up again (hope this makes sense).

All the figures were cleaned up and based up either on two pence pieces or 20mm squares of cardboard. They were then undercoated in matt black.

The first two ladies are both by “Games Workshop” and I bought them in one of the excellent sales they used to have in their shops now and again, not for any specific reason fanpir 2but just because I liked them and they were cheap. The Elven lady I decided would have a dark turquoise cape, over silver and gold armour inset with emeralds. The Dwarven lady I did in navy blue and copper/silver armour, her shield is one of my many old plastic GW ones from way back when, to get the boss in the middle (as it just had a hole and the “lump” on her arm was flat topped), I put  a blob of superglue on her arm “lug” then set a small ball of greenstuff on top of this, then pushed the shield over that so it was forced through the hole and then shaped it into a dome.

The chap comes from “I-cores”, “Celtos” range (now Brigade). A nice figure he does suffer from the common “Kev White” sculpt problems of “Cricket bat” sword syndrome and standing with his legs as far apart as possible, chafing must be a real problem in “Celtos’s”fanpir 5 setting! I decided to give him a kilt (I hate painting these!) so started with a bronze green undercoat on his skirt, copper and silver was next on his armour, then flesh. His shield was added as on the Dwarf, and I thought I’d paint a celtic style dragon on the front, finally I added the red and yellow lines to his kilt. I’m pretty happy with how the three of then came out, another group that had languished in my set of draws for many, many years.

The two townsfolk figures are from a “Mega miniatures” pack that I have been slowly working my way through for many a year too, they are actually 25mm tall so fanpir 3unfortunately don’t mix with many newer ranges but are still nice figures. The “Thug” was really easy to paint, Leather jerkin cream shirt and grey hose (nothing complicated here!). The “Witch too was pretty straightforward, blue/grey dress and dark blue hat. I know her cat should really just be black but I couldn’t resist adding white “felix” markings (as three of our eight cats look like that).

Finally I picked a “pirate captain” who though in the same pack as the others two townsfolk figures is actually 28mm tall, quite a bit bigger than the others. This does fanpir 4however mean that he fits perfectly with the un-dead pirates I did a few weeks back so he was based on a two pence piece accordingly. I thought I’d give him a red jacket (simply because I hope at some point to get Irregulars pirates and there is one similar to this but with a hook, and I can see him in a blue jacket). Cream shirt, grey pants, leather brown belts and black hat and boots finished him off.

All the figures were then “Quickshaded” had their bases painted in the appropriate colours, flocked and then given a coat of matt varnish. Only six figures but with each one being an individual, they did take longer than a unit of all the same colour, so not a bad weeks work all in all.

Oh well time to roll again….

Cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 7)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Ah I remember those great days when you could go into GW and they’d be their discount sales box on the main counter, chock full of loads of great (and affordable) metal minis. Must have bought most of my original Bloodbowl minis that well, as well as the odd WeirdBoy for my Orks, Really like the Celtos shield (and must confess to being a secret kev ‘cricket bat’ fan!!). That’s a real mix this week… looking forward to the next 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Ha ha! I got all my “Bloodbowl” figs from a GW sale bin too (apart from my “bunnygirl” teams which came from shadowforge (and cost a fortune in postage as I remember as I had to get them sent from Australia at the time!). I also remember rooting through and picking out a load of the old spaceships from the first edition of spacefleet that were originally produced by someone else (can’t remember who now), and the sales assistand coming up, peering over my shoulder and saying “Oh full thrust player eh?”, good times, I havent been in a Gamesworkshop for over twelve months (though Myles and a friend at work have kept me abreast of the new releases and such), the only thing I’ve bought from there in a while is “greenstuff” to be honest.

    Sorry if it sounded like I was “bashing” Kev White I wasn’t, He’s a good sculptor and I like a lot of his figures (there are more in the offing for “roll of the die” posts), just some of his posing seems a little exaggerated sometimes and as i said I do somtimes have a problem with oversized weapons that could never be lifted by the figure holding it (not lust a Kev problem this!).

    Anyway Thanks for the posistive comments as always and nice to see you posting again (have you been on holiday?), Judge Giant was always one of my favourite characters.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Unfortunately I have three hobbies, painting/wargaming, writing/drawing comics strips and reading (predominantly old) comics – but only the time to do one at a time, so I’ve been drawing the adventures of Tin-Man and the Guernsey Guerilla for my oldest, amongst other characters… and significantly adding to my lead mountain behind the scenes 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Hobbies tell me about it, after being content with just the one (wargaming) for years and it taking up nearly all of my available pocket money (which is virtually nothing most of the time!) I’ve recently started playing golf (I know, I know it is really sad) after taking my youngest (15) for lessons , I sat there watching him and said to my wife “you know I wouldn’t mind a go at that” now I’ve never had the slightest inckling of an interest in golf or ever hit a golf ball anywhere but on a crazy golf course by the sea, but one lesson later and I have to say I was hooked. I don’t think it will ever replace gaming as my number one hobby (unless my eyesight keep deteriating, that is), and it scares me how much everything you need costs along with the big dent it would make on my available free time, but I guess I wouldn’t be playing much in the winter, I guess there’s only one thing for it, I’ll have to win the lottery and give up work (I could perhaps go to posts a week then!) Ha.

    I’d love to see some of your comic strips, is there any chance of then going on-line anywhere?

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon E-mail sent.

  6. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, I forgot to say that you certainly have helped me get my painting bug back with your posts. My time is now split between cartooning and painting but they’ll definitely be a flurry of updates on my blog coming within the next few days.

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