“A roll of the die” (week 6)

Well here we go again, another week, another random group of figures to paint from my lists, (see last weeks post for details of this). Anyway this week’s roll was on Galahads list (tails) and consisted of…paint 6

Box 3 (4x 28mm Harlequin Dr Who monsters)

Box 10 (2x bases, 15mm Demonworld Knights)

Everything was based up (the 15mm Knights on a piece of wood for painting) and given a spray coat of matt black.

The Melkur is from the story”The keeper of Traken”. I love this character and even though he turns out to just be the masters TARDIS in the end I’ve wanted to paint him up for ages, I’ve seen the original costume back when there was a Dr Who exhibition in he Dapol factory down in Llangollen. He was actually pretty simple to paint, he was given a heavy dry-brush of dark sand and a lighter dry-brush of sand, then after he was dr who 12“Quickshaded” he had another light dry-brush of sand again and a couple of dark/light green details were added on a few of his joints to represent moss growing, and he was finished.

Another simple paint job was on Eldrad  from the story “The hand of fear” a jade green crystalline alien she was simply painted a dark jade green (funnily enough!) dry-brushed and highlighted in lighter greens, then her face was painted a grass green and her eyes added before a coat of “Quickshade”and again finished.

This Terileptil is from the story “The Visitation” and not one of my favourites (I think he must has been in a “selling off” bin somewhere, can’t think of any other reason I’d buy him!). Now I couldn’t really find any decent pictures of him (and none of him dressed in the long clingy “dress?” he appears to be wearing, so I decided to “wing it” a bit with his colours giving him a red/pink carapace and sand yellow body stocking, his ruff? Is purple blending to stone green, and his skin is a stone green/khaki mix, and again he was then “Quickshaded”. The bases on the three above figures were painted “colour party” earth dr who 34brown and then dry-brushed in grass green before being sprinkled with “Meadow green flock”, which is how I used to do my bases when I started my Dr Who collection.

Last but no means least we have the Emperor Dalek from “Evil of the Daleks”. Now I always wanted to do him properly, as in the original story he sits in the middle of a kind of “hi-tech” web with cables running out from his casing up into the structure around him, but this was not really going to be practical without building a fair sized lump of scenery so in the end I decided to paint him up “as is”. Colour wise we was pretty simple with just silver, yellow and pale blue going on in the places you can see in the picture (no shading or dry-brushing required). His base (a large “penny” washer) was simply painted silver as he never really goes out side so grass wouldn’t really work here, and he was then given a “black wash” of thin paint (so he would match the rest of my Daleks painted a long while ago.

Now onto the “Demonworld” knights, this was another started but never finished project, after a couple of games of this from the sample copy I received while writing for “Valkyire” magazine, I started painting up the really nice mini’s they sent me as well (mainly to take some photo’s for the piece) but never got round to painting up the rest, so that is where these are from. As they are all wearing full plate armour painting was a pretty simple affair, black undercoat then dry-brushed in chainmail, was followed by their “skirts”demonworld 1 painted dark blue highlighted with a mid-blue and a few gold highlights here and there and the were finished. Now basing them up was a bit more complicated as I could not find the proper “Demonworld” hexagonal bases anywhere so ended up cutting some from thick card, but this meant I had to Tetrion the bases to cover the edges of figures metal bases (they normally sit in circular recesses on the plastic bases), this was a real fiddly pain in the bum to do, and painting and flocking (luckily the flock and base colours were the same as the Dr Who figs above) them wasn’t much better! Still I got there in the end. What next I wonder?

Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 6)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Probably my fave post so far with some really well painted Dr Who models and nice looking knights to boot 🙂 Hopefully in the background you’re tinkering away with a little cardboard set design to show off the Emperor Dalek in all its glory 😛

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, I’m a big classic “Who” fan (anything up to the end of the “McCoy” era). Don’t know about a cardboard set I think if I was going to do it I’d have done it by now. I just finnishing off the figures for yhr latest instalment, then I think I might set off on a different tangent again, (I have the attention span of a goldfish I’m afraid)

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