28mm Superheroes (part 8)

Well I didn’t melt (though it was touch and go for a while, I’m British for gods sake we’re not build for the heat, rain yes, sun no). I have however been snatching a spare moment here and there to work on my latest “Superhero” and as you’ll see at the bottom of the page I’ve finished him “Hooray!!” but I’m getting ahead of myself again so back to the story where we left it last week with our hero in dire need of an upper body…..

Monday started with me chopping the head off of the army officer figure from our miscellaneous range but before I did this I roughly filed away his beret as it was easier to do this while it was attached to his body as it gave me something to hold onto. Once it was off I would have liked to have drilled a hole up into it to attach to the wire pole sticking up out of his body, but on closer inspection I decided it was just to small and awkward to hold to do this successfully so superglue and greenstuff would have to do the job of holding his head in place. Next I mixed up a pea sized “blob” of “greenstuff” that was then divided into five pieces one larger piece to cover his stomach and lower back, two chest “boob’s” and two smaller balls for his upper back and shoulder blades, and these were then applied in this order and smoothed, shaped and blended into his pant top (this was not as easy as it bul 4sounds!).

You can’t really see on the picture but while his left shoulder slopes downward his right rises to a point, this is deliberate (honest it is) as his final pose will have his right arm raised (well you’ll see what I mean in a minute) I also added his head at this point, I’d already cut away the top of the wire “spike” before applying the “greenstuff” for his body, a little ring of “greenstuff” was added where his neck would be and his new head was placed on this before being angled to suit and his neck smoothed out and blended into his body, I then put a little superglue around the joint to help strengthen it. Next day I added his belt and chest badge and drilled the holes into his shoulders where the wires for his arms would attach.

Wednesday was spent adding his helmet, this was a bit of a pain as it’s curved cone shape bul 5had to be uniform right round and this took ages to do with lots of checking by turning him round and smoothing out any lumps and bumps. I also wanted it slightly flatter at the front so I could add the strip over his nose and add the eye holes with it not protruding away from the overall shape, I then took my small knife and added a line around the eye holes. All in all I’m pretty pleased with the finished helmet, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to do another for a while.

Thursday started with me cutting the pieces of wire for his arms, now the holes that I’d drilled into his shoulders were not the same depth so first off I had to push the wire into the holes and mark where they emerged with a little spot of paint, next I measured the distance from his shoulder to just below his hip (this is how long your arms are, check if you want), This was then measured onto one of the pieces of wire and marked with paint, this was bul 6then put along side the other wire arm and marked again, then both arms were cut and bent to shape before being glued in place (this may seem long winded, but I didn’t want a repeat of the plastic heavy weapons troopers I did a while back when their arms were too blooming long! Next “greenstuff” was added to his left arm in small balls where his muscles would be (shoulder, bicep, triceps and forearm) and then blended together, I added a small blob for his fist and put the tiny sausage that would be his thumb in place, but I didn’t add fingers till next day as this gives a more solid base to work around. I did however add the flared edge to his costume over his shoulder, this was simply a thin sausage wrapped round and blended into his body.

Friday I pretty much repeated what I did on his left arm on the right and added his left fingers. That just left me to do his right hand fingers and the rockets on the back of his boots, and there you go….bul 7

“Rick O’Shay discovered that he had been transformed into a Living Missile, a Human Bullet…. Ballistic man!!”

By the way, extra points for the first person to work out who I based him on.

Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to 28mm Superheroes (part 8)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Very very nice indeed, and a superb commentary on how you sculpted him. Top stuff once again. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by other members of Freedom Force; should Bullet have been your inspiration for this one 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, hadn’t thought of freedom force, i’ll ave to go and take another look at them on the net. So I guess you realise that they were not my inspiration for him, it was in fact “Bullet Man” an Action Man (GI Joe for any americans reading) fron the seventies that I owned as a child (till my Mum made me sell him so I could buy something else (whatever it was I bet it wasn’t as cool as “Bullet Man” is now!). Oh well I certainly couldn’t afford one now at the prices they are going for in good condition so I decided to make my own (and I can game with this one). Again I think I’ll send him off to the caster when I can afford it (hopefully in the not to distant future). Thanks again for the comments and support, cheers Roger.

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, I hadn’t heard of Bullet Man before, but having had a look at him on the web I’d be very surprised if Irrational Games didn’t use him as their inspiration for their PC game’s Bullet hero – very similar indeed. As to the prices of just the Action Man’s helmet… insane for a piece of plastic. Looking forward to your next creation 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    He was only available for a few years it seems, so you could well be to young to remember him (I sadly am not, and getting older by the second!). Have you seen the program “Toy Hunter” on Quest? it’s about a chap in the US who makes his living buying nd selling old toys to collectors, I love watching it and telling the kids “I had one of those!”, usually countered by “Well why haven’t you got it now in the box as it’s worth £700!”.

    Sometimes you just can’t win.

    I’m a bit behind with this week installment (havent even started!), as my brother in-laws father died a week ago, and as I did the flowers for my dads funeral he’s asked me to help him do his, as he was a fanatical cyclist we’ve built a1/3 scale bike out of bits of pipe and covered the wheels with artificial flowers, and done his name likewise, and I still need to do a coffin topper for my niece (his daughter) for Thursday yet!. It was nice in a way to work with the B’ in Law on this as he is the same one who got me into wargaming in the first place, though he has now drifted out of the hobby and is now into diving in a big way, but though different (obviously) it has been a bit like the old days of the two of us working together on gaming projects.


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