28mm Superheroes (part 7)

Oh dear the Superhero bug has bitten again, and I’ve been out hacking lumps off of our Dick Garrison stock again (at this rate I’ll have none left to sell!). This time I decided to have a go recreating my version of one of my personal favourite heroes from my childhood (no not Gracie Fields, I’m not that old!!), but I’m not going to reveal who my latest creation (or abomination, depending on how he turns out) is based on and  wont be giving his name until he is finished. So will mystery man number one please step forward..

After looking through our ranges I came across just what I was after as a base for my bul 1figure in the  “Khang captain”, his boots were the right shape and the way he was springing forward had just the right dynamic quality I was looking for. So out with the “dremmel” and a small circular saw blade and after wasting about quarter of an hour trying to cut away his arms, cape, head and thin down his body I decided I would be easier all round to just slice him in half at the waist and start his top half from scratch. Then a file was taken to his legs to thin then down and remove all the waves in his sculpted trousers. He was then mounted onto a “blutack” filled juice bottle top to make him easier to handle during sculpting.

Next job was to drill a hole down into the middle of hips and fit a length of florists wire sticking up out of it to build his new torso around. Small blobs of greenstuff were roughlybul 2 added as a base for this and will be refined later. I’ve already go a new head picked out for him, but I’m getting ahead of myself (pardon the pun!).

The next day he was dry enough to begin building his legs up again in greenstuff, as these are meant to be bare I had to take care to make them smooth and define a little musculature (but not to much I’m not doing the Hulk!) these then needed to be blended into the his boot tops, after another twenty four hours had gone by to make sure it was good and dry (it’s really easy to rush ahead onto the next bit and end up destroying the bits you’ve just spent ages on getting just right with a stray finger or probe!) I added the bottom half of his costume this will be a bul 3one piece swimsuit affair with the lower portion consisting of not quite trunks and not quite shorts hope this makes sense. I had to make sure there was a defining edge at the bottom of the leg holes and a little creasing around the crotch.

And that is pretty much where I’m up to at the moment, still a way to go (and it could still all go horribly wrong!) though I’m quite pleased with how he’s turned out so far, but so long as I don’t melt in the heat I hope to have a good portion (maybe even all of him) finished by my next instalment.

Cheers Roger.

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