28mm Superheroes (part 5)

I’m on a bit of a Superhero kick at the momentgamma 1, I’ve been reading some classic Marvel stories as a while ago a friend at work was selling off his “Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection” books that he had been collecting but had lost interest in so I picked up twenty odd of them for thirty pounds, result! (Sadly no Fantastic Four but I guess you can’t have everything). Anyway this got me thinking and in a moment of inspiration I remembered that last year I spotted a pile of Games Workshop stuff in a local charity shop window, that Myles and I duly bought (even though we couldn’t see what was in the boxes), many contained old GW fantasy figures that we sold on and covered the original cost of the stuff. There was also a copy of the old “Necromunda” box game with all the scenery, rules and figures intact (Myles loves the scenics!), but I digress I realised that the seven remaining unpainted “Goliath gang” members (the others having been painted rather poorly and with thick paint by a young gamer I think, but hey we all have to start somewhere and I’d rather play with badly painted mini’s than unpainted) would make great additions to our Superhero roster, and so “the Gamma Boys” were born!

As yet another failed attempt but the government to create “Supersoldiers” (when will they ever learn!!) these Gamma irradiated clones have of course rebelled against there former masters and gone on a rampage with only the heroes of Hellion City to stop them (that’s what we call our fictional setting by the way).

gamma 2Anyway the figures were already glued together and set on their “slotta” bases so the first job was to carefully carve away the mould lines and hack away the bases before they were re-based on two pence pieces. Once the bases were “Tetrioned” I decided to carve away the Mohawk hairstyles on six of the figures and replace them with ones of my own to give them a bit of variety. One I left completely bald and the others I’m afraid turned into a bit of a bad hairstyle competition (I think the guy second from the left on the bottom row is the winner of this!) I had a little bit of greenstuff left once I’d finished and as I hate waste gave a couple of them shoulder pads on their left shoulders.

gamma 4When it came to painting, well they just had to be green didn’tgamma 3 they and once this was done purple pants are so in vogue with gamma fashionistas (it appears that just as gamma radiation increases muscle mass, it proportionally reduces taste). A coat of Quickshade, standard basing and a coat of matt varnish finished them off; when these henchmen roll into town the “Doomwatch” won’t know what’s hit them!


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5 Responses to 28mm Superheroes (part 5)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Absolutely superb stuff once again. Really hope to see a battle report with these guys in the near future 🙂 Certainly look a lot better than that dire Disney TV series “Hulk and the agents of SMASH” that my son makes me endure every few days. Amazing turnaround too.

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, glad you like them, they very nearly ended up in the bin when we first got them as both Myles and myself really didn’t like them and we didn’t think we could sell them on to anyone else, just goes to show that you should never throw anything away! Are you not a fan of “agents of SMASH” then? neither am I, in fact all the newer superhero cartoons are worse than their predesessors (Avengers Assemble, Batman Brave and the Bold, Go Teen Titans and Ultimate Spiderman are all poor imitations of the ones before) Justice League Unlimited and Batman were probably my all time favourites.

    Have been checking in on your blog but it’s been a bit quiet of late, hope all is OK I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.

    • Blaxkleric says:

      Blog updated today 🙂 Bought a new computer with Windows 8.1 pre-installed and to say I dislike it because many of my old programmes don’t work properly on it would be an understatement!!! It also coincided with Goggle demanding I change my email account to continue to use blogger so its been a week or so of computer frustrations.
      I must confess to being a huge fan of Brave and The Bold; though the last season was pretty dire. However if you think that was bad, pop over to Netflix and see the show that replaced it “Beware the Batman” – cancelled after one season due to poor plot choices such as batman partnering up with Katanna as he needs a bodyguard!?!

  3. Dick Garrison says:

    Simon don’t say things like that! you’ve put the fear of god into me now as my old laptop (that I do this on) has been making some terrible noises of late (sounds more like a sick strimmer that a PC). Glad your back blogging I like to check out your site a couple of time a week to keep me motivated.

    Must admit I did like the singing Brave and Bold episode with the maestroman, though I liked “the Batman” better especially once Batgirl and Robin came into it (but the Joker was just wrong in it I thought).

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