“A roll of the die” (week 4)

Now we all know as wargamers and painters that sometimes there’s nothing better tojap1 remove the stresses and strains of the day than to relax with a cup of tea and a paintbrush and paint some figures, and at other times you just have to get your head down, treat it like a job of work and just get the pigging things done! Now I’m not saying that’s what it was like this week (actually as I’ve got a dose of laryngitis at the moment so I’m not really saying much at all), but as I stared blankly at the last couple of these figures wondering what the heck colour to paint them I began to remember why I’d not painted them before. But I’m getting ahead of myself, Saturdays die roll threw up the number six and this turned out to be nine fantasy style oriental types that were given to me as review samples by Mike at Stronghold Miniatures just before “Valkyrie” magazine folded. Now I don’t know a lot about them to be honest, I can’t find them on their site and looking at them I don’t know if they are supposed to be specific characters from classic Japanese fantasy stories or what (if anyone does know I’d love to find out).

Anyway there were four “goodies” comprising of two un-armoured Samurai in long robes that I decided to paint up in dark blues and purples respectively, and two in baggy trousers jap 2and shirts. The chap holding his sword up unfortunately had a bit of a mishap a while ago and lost the blade of his sword so I had to drill into it’s hilt and after inserting a piece of florists wire into the hole built up the blade in greenstuff (though I feel it does suffer from “cricket bat” syndrome a little), but I’m not sure about the pose on this one anyway, his arms just don’t look quite right somehow.

The “Baddies” were much more fun to paint and really chose their own colour schemes without me really having to think much about it. The leader just had to be done in a maroon red cloak to compliment the bright red “demon” mask he has perched on top of his head, his showing foot is a bit on the big side but whether this is a fault on the sculptor’s jap 3part or a deliberate reference to something I can’t tell. The dwarfish figure has a large demon face covering his back, but I decided to play it safe and just painted this up in chain mail like armour but I do wonder if he is supposed to be possessed or something? Then we have the hunchback with the swollen left arm and leg wielding a “yari” or long lance, again I went for simple “earthy” clothing to go with his peasant look.

Turning to the ladies (and I use the term advisably! They might not even both be ladies as the wraithlike one could just be a thin chap, but I’m going to take it that he/she is) both were painted in the same skin tones (stone green and pale flesh) as the undead pirates the other week, the wraithlike one then having bronze green and coffee/cream robes added jap 4and a brown leather head mask, she has an unusual sword as it appears to be more of a scorpion encrusted extension of her hand. I quite like her though, but my favourite of the lot has to be the zombie geisha girl, who I did in turquoise silk dress with yellow flowers and cream bows and sash.

As usual they were all given a coat of Quickshade before having their bases painted and a blow over of matt varnish. I have no idea what I’m going to use them for but I’m glad I’ve finally got them painted up. I couple of them may well turn up in some of our Superhero games, talking of which….

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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