“A roll of the die” (week 3)

cave 1Well this week has not been particularly productive on my part as I could and probably should have done more but it’s to late now for recriminations so let’s get on with the update. This weeks lucky winner on my die rolled painting generator was draw 14 and this turned out to contain ten 15mm cavemen/barbarians from the “Dragon Fantasy Miniatures range, army of good” produced by Warrior Miniatures, now originally there were twelve of these little chaps though one got broken while I was basing them up (fragile spears don’t you know!) and another was converted into the driver of a “Dodge Viper” matchbox car for a competition a few years back, but what to do with the remaining ten?

I don’t know if you are familiar with the excellent set of rules “Tusk” by Matthew Hartley, well I bought these along with the “Sir Harry” 15mm pack from Irregular Miniatures many moons ago with a view to playing out some “Prehistoric party games” but ended up re-writing the whole set so I could use my Victorian figures of choice rather than the cavemen it was originally written for (but didn’t own!), well to cut a long story short I decided to use these fur clad chaps as my missing prehistoric tribe.

As usual they were first based up on pennies using “Tetrion” filler, then given a spray coat of matt black as an undercoat, chocolate brown or dark grey was then painted over their “fur clad” areas before being dry-brushed lighter shades of the same. The “fleshy bits” were painted up in dark then mid tones of European flesh and the skulls on the leader’s pole were dry-brushed in cream. Hair was added in either light grey, yellow, ch­­e­stnut or chocolate brown and black dots went on for eyes. I painted up the clubs/swords? (it’s really hard to say which they are supposed to be) as torches with yellow, red and orange cave 2glowing tips as in the rules you can burn areas of the ground to drive the dino’s into pits. The shields are a bit of an anachronism (but then so are humans and dino’s running around together so I’ll let this slide if you will!).

The finished figures were given their usual coat of “quickshade” before basing and had a coat of matt varnish to finish them off. I must confess that these weren’t really much of a challenge and with a bit more effort on my part could have been done in a couple of days rather than a whole week, I’ll try harder next time with whatever gets thrown at me I promise.

Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 3)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    They may have been simple to paint but these cavemen models look very nice indeed, Really like the colours you’ve used. Inspired me to pop to the website to see if they still have them but there’s no pictures that I can see (though I presume they could be the Plains Barbarians)? I also realized that I have a load of Warrior Miniatures ‘England Invaded’ minis; indeed that was one of the first rule sets I played. These roll of the die posts are really taking me back to my wargaming roots 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Yes your right of course they are the plains barbarians, I think you have to go to the gallery pages to see pictures of them. I’ve bought a bit of stuff off of Warrior myself over the years but strangely never “England Invaded” though I’ve often lookecd at it (quite recently infact!) a like the figures. The 10mm aliens and troopers were the first 10mm figures I ever bought (though I’ve no idea where they are now!), and I bought and painted up the “Dragon Wars” rules/figures for a christmas present for Myles when he was about nine, but he took them to school in his bag and chipped nearly all the paint off them before we ever played a game with them (looking back he might have been a little young for them at the time but you know how warghaming dads are.

    I’ve now picked what I’ve got to paint this week and I’m a little daunted at the moment, I might look into changing the rules to this game a little next time. Thanks Roger.

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