“A roll of the die” (week 2)

First off apologies for the lateness of this posting, as I mentioned in a reply to my last post my father had been taken into hospital with a minor complaint, however a week last Thursday he died of a coronary failure while still in hospital, this came as a complete shock and we have spent the last two weeks trying to sort out his affairs. This has meant as I’m sure you can imagine that blogging and wargaming have been the last things on my mind. ­­­However I have now finished the figures that I started three weeks ago as part of my paint 2random generated painting scheme. These were numbers 2 and 16, and equated to what I had left of the 28mm pulp sci-fi figures that Matt of “Hydra Miniatures” had been kind enough to send me a while back, and the dregs that I had left of the “Aeronef” fleets I had started again a long while ago from “Wessex Games” and “Brigade Models”, luckily these are all really nice models so were a joy to paint up (but a lot of them are “floating” which is a bit of a pain!).

Starting with the Hydra stuff, I have the “Buster Gordi” limited edition figure, which I decided to paint  up as a tribute to the old Flash Gordon “filmaction” cartoon of my youth flash 1so orange top and blue pants (with gold stripe) were called for along with the ubiquitous  blonde “do”. Bases on him and the robots below were done in chocolate brown with a dry-brush of terracotta, a light dry-brush of coffee and a sprinkling of red decorative sand(this came from a florists supply shop, I don’t know what  florists do with it though!)  The five little “floaty” crab robots were painted up in the same colours as my “Robot Rebels” force (I’ll do a picture of them all one day), in an unusual twist to normal I completed the bases first then set the clear rod into said base and then painted the robots themselves separately before gluing then on at the end, finally I plant 1varnished them (with a small roll of paper wrapped round the rod so it didn’t get varnished to a dull finish. The “Vardu” plant creatures I painted up in various greens and lilacs before basing then up in my usual green colour scheme (these might end up as henchmen to a “Poison Ivy” type villain in our Superhero games). All the above were given a coat of Quickshade before basing and varnishing.

The “nef’s” I decided would be added to my existing fleets, so the first thing was to cut MDF bases for them, I use these bigger bases to try and make them more stable and less likely to fall and get damaged (with limited success I have to say) I marked the original hexagonal base corners on for working out turning etc..  The gun platform and small “nef’s” nefwere painted up in my British Royal Navy colours of red hulls and yellow funnels, while the “dirigible” style “nef” was added to my Russian fleet, so a darker grey with red funnels and tail plane (with gold star) were in order. The planes had been languishing in the draw as I dreaded basing the darn things up! In the end I drilled small holes in the bottom of each plane (with much foul language I’ll add!) and a corresponding hole in the MDF base, all six were then attached using florists wire before they were painted up. I gave them generic blue tail planes as I don’t want them specific to any particular fleet, but instead can be used with any I see fit. All of the above were finished with a wash of thin black paint, before being sprayed with matt varnish. In order to stop the matt varnish “clouding” the clear “poles” of the flying stands they too were wrapped in a small roll of paper (as shown) before spraying.


Well, let’s see what the thirty sided mistress of chance throws my way this week.

Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 2)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    My sincerest sympathies for your loss. Absolutely no apologies needed Ref blog lateness.
    Some lovely models on show, and especially impressed with your Buster Crabbe lookalike and the vardu plants. The later remind me of the Varga plants from “The Dalek Masterplan”. Does their role as henchmen bode well for more superhero goodness from you 🙂 I’ve some of the Aeronefs myself, and have a painted British fleet somewhere (with red bottoms like yours) but never got round to painting the Germans; perhaps I’ll give Dystopian Wars a go as their planes are on flat bases and don;t look half as fiddly as the Brigade Games ones – though I must say your flying base looks excellent; big fan of your ’emerald isle’ basing 🙂

    • Dick Garrison says:

      Hi Simon, sympathy appreciated, I’m really only now starting to get back into my painting etc.. at the moment. Myles and I nearly went to the St Helens show “Phalanx” last weekend just to have something else to think about for a day, but in the end we didn’t really feel like it (thank god we hadn’t said we’d be trading there this year).

      Myles has some Dystopian Wars miniatures and they are loverly (I particually like the half submerged German? robot), but I’m yet to dip my toe into that particular pond.

      Yes the Buster Gordi is a really nice fig, he nearly became the base for my “Ghost Walker” conversion but a) I couldn’t get two of him and b) he was just to nice to start “hacking” about. I will go back to the Superhero stuff but for the next few weeks I’ll probably just carry on with the random generated stuff, I could do with getting some of the mountain of lead painted and nothing seems to be inspiring me at the moment..

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