10mm Sci-Fi “This time it’s war!”

Now I have to admit I started this week with a bit of trepidation as I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get that much done but I wanted a project I could start and finish in this weeks post, but what to do? A couple of things made the short list but as I wanted to have a good chunk of them done by the time I went to bed on Monday afternoon (I start on a Monday night you see) it needed to be quick to start, so I settled on the 10mm Colonial Troopers figures I had bought along with Myles from Pendraken Miniatures last year to play 10mm “Aliens” movie based games (Myles taking the Aliens). Luckily I had already based these on strips of wood in rows of all the same figure as I find this the easiest way to paint them up without missing bits, I use PVA to glue them on as this makes it easy to lever the figures off when you come to re-base them on their permanent bases. I decided against painting the APC up at the moment (as I’m not sure whether to paint in up as per the movie or do a camouflage pattern on it) and I also left out the robots (because I’m not really keen on them!).

So Sunday afternoon was spent in the garden spraying matt black in preparation and then dry-brushing them chain-mail ready for Monday’s onslaught. This began with the main bodies of the figures being painted a pale grass green and then their helmets and pads done in a darker green, faces and hands were then added in mid flesh tone and backpack and baggage in leather brown. This is not hard work as it’s really just highlighting (you want a bit of the black still on show) but it is BORING, especially when you have forty one figurescolonial 1 including smart guns to do. The good thing is like the forth bridge once you get to the end with one colour you can start again with the next. Speaking of the smart guns these had a day-glow green dot and a pale blue line added to give a bit of interest to their otherwise plain silver finish. Once dry (Monday evening) they were all given a coat of “Army painter” Quickshade (mid tone).

Now apologies for the lack of photo’s at the start of this post, this is because my camera colonial 2(an old 1.5meg Fuji finepix) that has served me so well over the years decided to refuse to switch on, this turned out to be dirt stopping the lens cap sliding back but meant I had to take it apart and WD40 the mechanism before it would work, luckily its fine now but it was Wednesday before I got it working  so missed thecolonial 3 early stages of the painting (they weren’t that interesting to tell the truth).

Next day all the figures were re-based onto pennies and “Teterion” filler was applied to the bases up to the cast bases (see picture). This meant on Wednesday I was ready to paint the bases, and a good coat of chocolate brown was applied colonial 5as a basecoat, then Thursday saw the dry-brushing of a coffee topcoat and the gluing on of some patches of “Moorland mix” flocking, that just left the spraying of a coat of matt varnish to docolonial 4 on Friday, and there you go finished. Once again I am now waiting for Myles to finish his figures before we can get a game underway (we’ve downloaded a set of rules from,   http://tabletoptitans.com/rules/0002.php found via “freewargamesrules”) but as he’s in the middle of his final exams at the moment I can’t really moan at him.

Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to 10mm Sci-Fi “This time it’s war!”

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Lovely stuff Roger, and that’s an impressive bit of batch painting. Hopefully I’ll have a battle report up on my blog in the next few days showing off some of the 10mm Pendraken Face Huggers, albeit it’ll be using homemade rules. Perhaps it’ll encourage you to paint up Myles’ minis for him so you can get your own bat-rep posted 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, no one was more surprised than me at how many fig’s I got painted, hit a bit of a stumbleing block this week though as the figures I ws going to order as my next big project just happened to cost exactly (and by some mad coincidence I do mean exactly!), the same amount that our trip to the vets with one of the cats (Tiger) cost last Saturday morning, so that has now been knocked back for the forseeable future, and instead I’ve been taking a leaf out of your book and rolled a dice to see what figures I already have to paint up this week, luckily they were each small numbers of figures, this is handy as my Dad has been taken into hospital (not to serious it seems but it does mean we’ll be going to visit him each day till he comes out), so this will eat into my painting time along with all the other things I hope to do this week. Still I’ll see how I get on.

    Look forward to your report, Myles has two more exams, one tomorow amd one Wednesday then he’s finnished, and we can go and see Godzilla he won’t go till he’s finnished you see. I went to see the Terminator the night before my Physics “O” level and I passed that (Though more by luck than knowledge to be honest, so he’s a better man than me!).

    Cheers Roger.

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