28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 7)

OK I’ll start off with the excuses, Monday started well with good progress on all the remaining figures, which was just as well as I was doing overtime for the rest of the week and on Saturday, (the bank manager will be pleased) and the situation will be the same this coming week (he’ll be even more pleased!), however this has really hit into my figure time and if I’m brutally honest the combination of tiredness and rushing to get them finished has left me less happy with the end results than I’d like to have been (but I’ll go into that later), hopefully I’ll be able to pull them back a little with the painting.

troop 2As stated last week I wanted to do a bit more conversion work on these figures, though the first two were pretty basic as I just replaced their guns with the same GW bolt pistols I had used on the “ganger’s”  and added shoulder pads and backpacks as outlined last week.

On the third figure I was originally going to do the same as above, but decided to be a bit more adventurous, so as I liked the gun, that I used on the captain figure from last week d I used thetroop 1 same right arm and gun, but cut and filed away the top of his arm, before gluing it in place pointing inwards. I then re-sculpted the upper part of his arm from elbow to shoulder. Once this was dry I bent a piece of florists wire into the shape of his left arm and glued this in place and then built up his arm and hand over this, once this was dry (next day), I added his shoulder pads and backpacks as before.

heavy troop 1For the last two figures I decided to go with a couple of heavy weapons, so taking two S.M.A.W’s from one of our own (WSD) weapons packs I set about creating a wire support for their right arms, now I measured these against a set of original plastic armsheavy troop 2 for use with the figures and so they should have been the same length, but somewhere along the way something went  amiss as once I’d glued them in place, “greenstuffed” over them and added the shoulder pads and attached the weapon I could see that they were far to long and looked like an orang-utan’s arms but by then it was to heavy troop 4late and I was worried that I’d end up doing more damage than good trying to hack them off! Next problem was what to do with their left arms, did I make then shorter or do them to match the right? I decided on the latter and attached the hands ahead of the weapons screen as opposed to behind it, as I felt they may look like they were in the way of the figures view of said screen there, looking at them now I’m not sure this was the right decision either, as heavy troop 6the pose looks a bit awkward to me, but there was nothing else to do from here but to plough on and add the pads to these arms and add the backpacks to these figures. Not I have to say my best work but as they say you learn from your mistakes.

I’m a bit disappointed with these figures at the moment, I’ll have to try and raise some enthusiasm (and time!) over the next week to get them painted, till then.

Cheers Roger.

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6 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 7)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, Was starting to get worried that my weekly dose of your blog was going to be missed 🙂
    I sometimes have a similar problem when painting (i.e. I don’t like the look of something and all enthusiasm dries up – those Mongoose Judge Dredd minis being a good example). I usually find time makes such thoughts disappear and next day I’m usually raring to go again. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Ha ha! I was starting to think I’d have to wait till tommorow to post it myself as I was working till 3.00pm, then as soon as I got in I ran out with the dogs for their daily charge round our local playing fields before the rain set in (it started while I was out anyway!), and then had to get the last couple of photo’s done before I could post. As I said we’re doing overtime all this week too but I hope to get all ten figures painted by next weekend (as they’re all the same colours it should be quicker than the gangers (famous last words!). We’ll see. I need to hop over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to over the last couple of days, I’ve been a 2000AD fan since I was a child, ABC warriors being my favorite (If foundry ever do “Mongrol” and “Happy Shrapnel” figures I’ll have to bite the bullet and by the full crew, though the way they package them across various packs really annoys me).

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    If you like the ABC Warriors then Mongoose Publishing unlocked the team as one of their stretch goals on the Judge Dredd Kickstarter. Have a look here at the greens from last year: http://www.shadesofchaos.com/2013/01/judge-dredd-kickstarter-greens.html. Unfortunately I understand the sculptor quit and took his greens with him, so we’re waiting on them to be done again (I understand that Mongrel is currently being done). Of course the KS is already 18 months late on its promises so don’t hold your breath. Looking forward to those painted minis – lots of camo 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks for the link Simon, some nice stuff there, like the Blackblood fig, (wasn’t so sure about Joe Pineapples) shame the sculptor fell through. I never looked at these as I’m never sure of Kickstarters, I can see the point but I have never participated in one.
    I’ts been slow going on the fig’s so far not sure I’ll have then done by Saturday (hopefully some will be finnished!), had to smile tonight as I was painting them as I suddenly realised I was painting BLUE!!! there will be camo though.

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi guys sorry to report that I am running really late with this weeks post, I hope to get them finnished and a post written about them tommorow but it looks more likely to be Monday, sorry for the delay I hope the figs are worth it in the end.
    Cheers Roger.

  6. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, No worries at all. Don’t rush the painting just to get a something posted, as I’m looking forward to seeing your not-SHIELD agents in all their blue and white glory 🙂

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