28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 6)

Week six (have I really been doing these for that long!) started with me having to make a decision about what exactly I was going to use the troopers for, as I stated, before I was considering using them as “not” S.H.I.E.L.D troops for our superhero games, but I would also like them to be usable in Sci-fi games as well, this should be possible as in the comics and cartoons Marvel have produced over the years you often see S.H.I.E.L.D agents using “Beam” type weapons and the rifles the troops come with suit this style pretty well. So that is what I think I’m going to go with, I do have some colours in mind for them be I’ll keep that information to myself until the time comes.

So onto the figures themselves, there wasn’t really that much conversion work that needed doing to them if I’m honest. I wanted to add some extra pads on their shoulders (to make them look more paramilitary, than just police force) and this would also help cover up the joins where the arms meet their  torso’s, but the first job to do was clean up the mould lines on the figures, these were a little worse than on the gangers, and then glue and fill the gaps at the top of their legs and cover the joint down the sides of their bodies.

Taking a figure with a suitably commanding stance(?) I attached first his right arm troopers 4(Actually I quite like the gun he has), but didn’t want the left arm as it was, holding a big knife, so I carefully carved this away leaving just his fist, this I thought would look good repositioned held upward signalling to his squad behind him. I cut the connecting tab away and filed his shoulder a little to give a flat surface to glue to his torso. Once attached greenstuff was added to cover the hole in the torso, the bad mould line on his inner arm and to strengthen the joint. Then his shoulder pads were added, these were simply small rectangles sculpted between the outer shoulder and elbow, with a larger inverted shield piece sculpted over the top on the shoulder, a small blob of greenstuff was applied to the centre of the left one of these and with a cut off cocktail stick the centre of this was flattened out into ring as a badge, and as he was a leader I also added a small rectangle to the bottom of his right shoulder pad as some sort of insignia and a pistol holster was added at his hip. Again as he was a leader I thought it would be nice to have a slightly different back pack, so after a root about I found an old one I bought from “Denizen Miniatures” a long time ago. I decided it looked better upside down so it was attached that way up with a blob of greenstuff to make a strong join.

troopers 5 The other four troopers were then done in much the same way (though I added the arms before the torso’s were glued together). Two of them I noticed had the hole in their backs higher up than the other two, this I discovered was so you could add the plain metallic backpack with combat knife at the bottom, and the other troopers 6two had their back hole further down so you could use the smaller “roll” back and bags (I replaced one of these with a similar item from the gangers pack that I didn’t use). As this smaller pack left the top of their backs bare I added another small pack above this (these came from the very old original plastic “spacemarine” box set).

For some reason one chaps shoulder pads came out a little small, but hopefully it won’t be too noticeable once they’re painted. Oh well five down five to go, I hope to do a bit more conversion work on a couple of the others, so till then..

Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 6)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, They look really good. Certainly I can’t spot the small(ish) shoulder pad and the Captain/Commander looks suitably in charge. Looking forward to seeing what colour scheme you’ve selected then if its not going to be blue and white. Hurry up next Saturday 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, I don’t remember saying it not going to be blue and white. it’s not, but i don’t remember saying it. Have been keeping an eye on your blog and I see you’ve been cracking on with your “Thing” fig along with Mr Fantastic, Daredevil, Rhino, and the other two I’m not sure I can identify (is the silver one Hercules or Gilgamesh?) the green chap though I cant place. I think you’ve done yourself a misjustice over the Dredd figure though I think you did a great paintjob and I’d be proud to have him in my collection. I like your micro moderns, that’s one era I’ve never been into myself though there were a couple of guys at chester wargames club who used to play it all the time (they were really boring rules lawyers so that might be what put me off!).

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, Ref colour scheme I must have read into what you saying about multi-purpose ‘not-SHIELD troopers’ 🙂
    The silver Heroclix figure is one of the U-Foes, Ironclad, but as you’ll see from my blog entry (later tonight), his head is all wrong. The green one is the film version of the Abomination. Thanks for the compliment Ref Dredd figure but the Mongoose models really do try my patience with their flaws. I’ve actually been trying to paint another judge today and had to put it aside… been doing more 6mm moderns as a result. When I’ve painted up the Middle Eastern Alliance, I’ll do a battle report using “Savage Worlds” rules and see if that tempts you 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon, Ironclad! of course should have seen that (must be getting old!) I see what you mean about his head but I love your paintjob on him, simple but really effective, washes work so well on muscular figures. likewise nice paint on Daredevil though I hope you don’t mind me saying he’s not one of the best heroclix sculpts in my opinion, he just looks to thin to me, have to agree with you that we definately have the best “Thing” figure they’ve done and your painting really brings that out. Some of the Heroclix sculpts are reallu good but were let down by some rather ropey painting on the originals.

    Look forward to seeing your battle report and maybe you’ll swing me, but every time I looked into it I always end up slipping forward a few yers into Sci/Fi instead!

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Oh by the way, forgot to say many thanks for the “plug”, on your blog.

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