28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 5)

Well bank holiday Monday really helped when it came to painting up the second set of gangers, without that extra day I think I would have struggled, doing bits around the house and in my dads garden ate into the time (and if I’m honest so did the classic Dr Who marathon on the “Horror Channel”!). Still they are done now and I used another of Myles’s Ork buildings for backgrounds, sorry Simon (Blaxkleric) but I didn’t do any camouflage this time, looking at them now perhaps I should have…

As stated before the first chap didn’t need a lot of conversion as I quite liked him the waygang 22a he was, so when it came to painting, jeans, brown leather boots and belts, chainmail/scale armoured chest plate and red T-shirt were the order of the day. For his backpack I went for a pale green and used coffee and cream dry brushing on the bundle of ropes coiled on top of the pack, red hair with a purple headband finished him off.

“Patrick Swayze” was really pretty obvious as far as painting went gang 23aapart from the colour of his pants (pale blue) all the other colours pretty much chose themselves. So along with his black shirt and metal shoulder pads all his leather wear was done in brown. One thing I did do halfway through painting (not the best time I hasten to add) was realise that he had a small box hanging from the front of his belt that looked like a microphone, and this would look good attached to the radio on his back, so I carefully drilled a couple of holes, one under the microphone and one in the bottom of the radio and bending a piece of wire to shape glued it into the holes (TIP it’s really a good idea to do this before you start painting your figure as it tends to chip paint off bits you’ve painted*), I went for blond hair as I thought it might make him look a bit like Luke Skywalker, but looking at him now he reminds me more of Robin Askwith from the “Confessions” movies from the seventies.

My shadow run chap was always going to have his long coat painted black (The Matrix hasgang 21a a lot to answer for!) originally his pants and hair were also going to be that colour, but I thought this would be to much so settled on maroon trousers and stark white hair, a sort of “not goth” look.

On to the ladies and I thought the afro style hair would work well gang 25awith a lady of a darker skin tone too. Pink was my chosen colour for her jumper and mated to pale grey skin tight paints and bag, with silver boots and belt buckle, this is one sassy lady and makes a good companion figure to the lilac haired girl from last week, maybe a “Cagney and Lacey” of the future?

Lastly I had my lady in pants and short jacket, she struck me as having a gang 24awestern feel to her, but rather than go for another denim costume I thought I’d dress her in buckskin (the quickshade really worked well on this I thought) mated to this were brown leather boots and belt/holster and I finnished her off with more red hair, I do seem to do a lot of redheads, I think this has more to do with the paint than a preference on my part (my wife is a blond after all!).

All in all I‘m rather pleased with how the gangers have turned out, I just need to think of a use for them now, I’ve been hanging around the “Combat Zone Chronicles” page of late and I must admit I’m twitching on picking up a copy. But onto the troopers first, I don’t like to plan to far ahead (if at all!).

Cheers Roger.

*Brought to you by Roger Webb, specialist subject the blinking obvious!!

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5 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 5)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, Inspirational as ever, even if there is no camo 😛
    Bit of a ‘Blake’s Seven’ feel to the whole ensemble now they’re all painted, imho. Really looking forward to seeing what you;re going to do with their opposition 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon, now you say it I guess there is a bit of a B7 vibe (need an Avon and Villa though), might be interesting to try and do the full crew properly at some point as I am a fan of 70’s sci-fi. I hope I don’t disapoint with the troopers as I don’t intend going as much “to town” with them (I might do some camo though!). By the way like the Ion age figs on your site (I used to own the big 28mm+ ones a few years ago, sold them on though), the Aliens look cool, Myles and myself bought 10mm versions of the Aliens and Marines a while back from Pendraken (guess who go the Aliens, not me!), not starting them though till he does (been caught like that before!).

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, you might like these if you fancy doing “the full crew properly”:http://www.crooked-dice.co.uk/wp/product/starter-set-future-freedom-fighters. I also have the Pendraken 10mm Alien sets, and lovely sculpts they are as well, but both the eggs and facehuggers are disappointingly closer to 15mm than 10mm; so I plan to paint both up for my 15mm force in the near future. Look forward to your next posting 🙂

  4. J RUTH says:

    You’re quite talented with the Green Stuff. I can only make snakes, worms, and dog poops.

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Many thanks “J Ruth” I really just slap the stuff about compaired to some, a lot of what I do is really only glorified worms. However as we have eight cats and two dogs I’m banned from doing “poops” as we have more than enough of those! Thanks for the link Simon those are very nice, and a lot easier than my idea of slopping some grenstuff around something suitable to make my own. I think they’ll have to go on the “loooooong” list of stuff I’d like. (mind you that list is topped with a GT40 replica kit car!).

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