28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 4)

OK first off Happy Easter to you all and I hope you aren’t to full of chocolate! Now I have to admit that painting week one has not been as productive as I’d hoped, mainly due to laziness on my part if I’m honest, I have got the first five figures finished (just!) and as you can see photographed as well. I decided to use an Ork building that Myles picked up from a bring and buy a couple of years ago (actually there are seven of them, we had some fun packing them, the Trade stand and four people into a car!), but I digress, I thought they might make the pictures a bit more interesting, not sure if it’s worked or not but it was a lot harder trying to get them in focus!

Anyway on to the figures themselves…

gang 11a Going in the same order as last time we’ll start with our leader, who I put in a short jacket, this I paint in green to give it a military look with the large patch on his chest in a contrasting red and white. I then did his trousers in pale grey and belt, boots etc in black.

Next we have our “biker” I did him in a camouflage T-shirt and gang 12apants in khaki drab to add to the military weekend warrior look. His backpack was done in a blue/grey and boots and accessories were painted black. Finally I did his headband red to add a bit of colour.

gang 13a My “Hoodie” figure gave me a bit of a head scratching dilemma, as I wasn’t quite sure what colour to go with, so in the end I played it safe and went for one of my “go to” colours of maroon (I seem to end up using this colour on a lot of figures for some reason), the bit of his shirt that was visible I just went for white, and his trousers are the same grey as the leader. Belts and boots are leather brown, not very ambitious, but he looks OK.

“Princess Di” (as I’ve been calling her) had to be blond, though her bright hair somewhatgang 14a negates her camouflage pants and jacket, as do the large golden earrings, but hey it’s the future so who knows what will be standard military issue. Another white shirt was added underneath and leather brown bits and bobs finish her off. Looking at her now I wish I’d added rolls at the bottoms of her sleeves to look like they were long sleeves rolled up rather than short sleeves, but oh well whats done is done.

gang 15aLastly we have our “UFO” lady, I did go for lilac hair, and decided to carry the theme on with her clothes. So, a lavender top with cream puff sleeves and a plum skirt and back bag were next and leather brown boots and holster with gold buttons along with gold jewellery and detailing on her gun. I must admit I think she’s my favourite out of these five figures, and would make quite a nice character figure in some game or other, hmm well see….

All the figures were then given a coat of Armypainter Quickshade (strong tone) and once based were matt varnished. The bases on all the figures were first painted chocolate brown before being heavily dry brushed with Khaki and then lightly dry brushed with coffee, then sections were painted over with grass green and “javis” hairy flock glued on, this means that they are the same as my superhero figures that I did a bit back, so if I do paint up the troopers as “Shield” types then they will still be able to be used with these too, (I don’t just throw these ideas together, well not all the time anyway).

Cheers Roger.

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3 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 4)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Happy Easter to you too, Roger. Love the paint jobs and the background scenery too. I think UFO Lady is the best of the bunch, especially with the piccie showing Biker sneaking up behind her from out the shadows. I’ve just stumbled across “The Army Painter” Quickshade range myself. Not that I plan to use them as dips but certainly the Strong Tone seems a far better replacement for the much-missed “Citadel” Devlan Mud” than the ‘official’ GW alternative Agrax Earthshade – which like Nuln Oil (and so very many of the new CItadel “miracle” paint range) is far too watered-down for my liking.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon (I can go back to Blaxkeric if you prefer?), I don’t “dip” the figs in the quickshade myself (at those prices i’m not flicking off any spare!) I paint it on with an old brush and then throw the brush away, never used any inks or washes (except ones I’ve mixed up myself). Must admit I’ve never really used much GW paint either, I used to use a lot of “Colour Party” paints as my brother in-law used to sell them round our old club, and Irregular stocked then at shows. Now I mainly use “Miniature Paints” as an art shop not far from me stocks them. Though my favourites are some “Horizon Paints” that I picked up from a model shop in Manchester that was selling them off cheap(now sadly gone) many years ago and I’ve not seen for sale anywhere else since.

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Ah Irregular minis… the first company I used to always visit when I went to a show – haven’t seen them in ages though; nor have I heard of any of the paints you mention. The reason I used to rely on “Citadel” paints so heavily was my LFGS stocked them. But now I prefer “Vallejo”; albeit the Post Office is putting a crimp on my internet paint orders these days. Looking forward to seeing you paint up the other models. Doubtless more camo work for you 🙂

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