28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 2)

Right a week has gone by and the first five gangers are complete it’s been a long slog as work decided to make this week the one we had to do overtime each night!, but I’ve managed to get a hour or so in each night (part of the reason I started this blog was to force myself to get off my bum and get something done most nights). Though I have obviously worked on all five figures at the same time (doing a bit on each one each night) I think the easiest will be if I describe what I’ve done to each figure individually, so….

First chap I decided to make the leader of the team so I picked the upper torso with the “space marine” type robotic eye enhancer, though this was teamed with a “very” open gang 11chested waistcoat and large gold medallion? So I decided to carve this off along with the front flaps of his waistcoat and instead gave him a zip front “bomber” jacket, I also filled in the hole in his back where his backpack would “plug” in. I used an open set of arms but carved off the naff pistol and really long knife and replaced both with old GW Imperial Guard pistols, his sleeves were built up and two small belt pouches were added round the back.

Next I took the bearded torso and decided to just accentuate what he already had, so to cover up his cheque armoured shirt I added quite a bit of girth to him with a wide belt to gang 12differentiate between his shirt and pants, this set the classic “fat biker” ball rolling so long hair and full “Santa” style beard seemed a natural next step, then a set of shoulder straps for his backpack (something none of the figures had yet the all have backpacks that your supposed to use to cover the holes in their backs, weird!), once the arms holding a space rifle type gun were added I put small T-shirt type sleeves on his shoulders to cover the join.

gang 13The third torso is probably my favourite as the face is quite well done and the torso has a good sensible sci-fi look with a sort of ballistic vest with armoured plates toward the crotch, I decided to add a hooded jacket (mainly to cover his back hole) with wide sleeves, I left the long knife/sword in his left hand but decided to replace the awful pistol in his right with a bolt pistol from on of Myles’s space marine sprues (he’s got quite a few knocking around), as I tried to carve it off though I decided that the hand was such a mess that it would be easier to just start again and sculpt a new hand from scratch.

I looked long and hard at the two female figures, now I am an equal opportunities employer when it comes to figures but, how was I going to get the variation I wanted between the two sets of figures?, the obvious answers were “legs” and “Hair, as anyone who’s seen a few post apocalyptic movies will know the two things that will be in great demand in the future are gang 14fuel and hairdressers. Taking the first lady I began by carving away her rather bizarre headdress and plat, then I decided to cover her bare legs (these are a bit odd but as I mean to leave them bare on the other one of this type I’ll go into it more then) with long combat pants and this lead to me adding a combat jacket or shirt up top, straps for her backpack were added as were her arms with rifle. Finally I sculpted her some new hair, this reminds me of Princess Diana’s for some reason but with a long plat at the back that curls round the top of her backpack.

Finally this week I took the last female figure and it wasn’t until I’d glued it together that I gang 15realised I’d used the same front torso from the other box as the figure above, so I began by once again carving off the feather and plat as before. This time however I thought I’d leave the body pretty much untouched so I just added a short skirt and single strap for the backpack (I carved the side pockets off to make it a little more “handbag” like). The pistol was again carved off of her hands and another bolt pistol added. Puffy/fluffy short sleeves were added to hide the joins on her shoulders, and her girly look was completed with a hairstyle reminiscent of the ladies who worked on “Moonbase” in UFO (I may well even end up painting it purple!).

All five figures were then re-based off of the plastic slotta’s and onto two pence pieces as usual. Oh well five down five to go, hopefully I can be as productive with week!

Cheers Roger.

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1 Response to 28mm Sci-Fi “on the cheap” (part 2)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Cracking post. Very inspirational. I think the ladies, especially, look absolutely superb. Replacement guns make a big difference too. Would love to see your UFO look when she’s painted 🙂

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