10mm Fantasy (part 2)

So our armies were in place, the rules were under way and plans were already flying about for new and exciting additions that would be bought at our next foray into the “Wargames show” arena (these have a tendency of cost me too much much these days!).

house 1

Next on the “to do” list was some scenery, now as you might be beginning to sense, I would rather make or convert something to suit my needs as a wargamer than spend out large quantities of cash (tighter than a gnats chuff is an expression that springs to mind!). So rather than trawl the internet for what is available for 10mm historical/fantasy I decided to make my own. Now I have a little experience with “Tudor” style timbered buildings as my now brother in-law, then friend used to make 25mm scale hand built versions of these from plywood and cardboard for sale through Irregular Miniatures back in the eighties, and I spent many an afternoon gluing tiles to roofs or timber to walls (unpaid I hasten to add!).

For my 10mm versions I started with a cardboard box that looked about the right size (well house 2slightly smaller as the finished building would be marginally bigger) then the timber “joists” were added out of matches cut to length and glued on with PVA, once these were dry the “plaster” was added filling the relevant gaps between the matches (Tetrion filler was used for this). Next the basic roofs were added and braced with card triangles, and a cocktail stick was pushed through and glued for the inner part of the chimney. Doors were made of thin “planks” of card glued in the doors. Strips of cardboard tiles were then added to the roofs of some and finished off with a folded card “coping” tile.  Thatch was applied to roof of the cottage by covering it in Tetrion and scoring strips in it with a shape knife. The chimneys and the stone work around the bottom of the thatched cottage were done by rolling small house 3balls of “greenstuff” and applying and shaping them to suit. Once they were painted I added aluminium car body repair sheet pieces in the windows to look like leaded windows, and there you go, fairly simply little buildings but quite effective I think, and as they were made entirely  out of stuff I had around anyway total cost negligible!

Some simple hills were made using some polystyrene sheeting saved from a DIY store bin,10mm hill and covered in tissue paper mixed with a thinned solution of PVA, My very simple Woods are just old CD’s with florists wire trunks and bits of sponge on top and then “flocked” (I’m not entirely 10mm woodshappy with these and will probably re-do them at some point). Rivers, Bridges, Forts and Churches may all see the light of day sometime in the future but for now we at least have something to fight over.

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