28mm Superheroes (part 4)

doomwatchWell as you can see they’re finished! It turned into a bit of a slog towards the end but after what seems like months of work (actually it was months, I started on “Granite” before Christmas!) I can finally field the “Doomwatch” in our next “Heroscape” game. First job was to decide on a paint scheme so I dug out my DC and Marvel character guides. One problem I had was getting a design and colour scheme that would work on all three figures as they were all such different sizes and shapes, I was tempted to go for something like “Hal Jordan’s” “Green Lantern” costume but after a good look through the books a design used on a hero called “Mockingbird” seemed to fit the bill though I changed the colours to the turquoise and white used on the final figures.

I think I actually prefer the grey “skin” on “Granite” (The Thing) to the original Orange, and I had to make “Migraine” a redhead because as we all know all the best psychics have red hair! The “Ghost” figure of “Ghostwalker” had a really simple paintjob, it’s just black with aghost walker 10 drybrush of first stone green, and then another lighter drybrush of stone green mixed with cream. Basing as with all my figures was done with “Tetrion” all purpose filler with a couple of “Danish Pink” cat litter stones glued on to represent rocks and boulders (one of the advantages of owning eight cats, if I think of another I’ll let you know!!) a quick paint up and some hairy flocking and I was done.

While I was at it I painted up a few other figures to go into our Superhero games, so let me introduce “Stinger” to the right and “Agent Collinson of Javelin” to the left (Javelin stands for Justice And Verification Enforcement Law Investigation agentsNetwork, these are the things that I think of when I can’t sleep during the day when I’m stingerworking nights!), there are some agents behind him in the background that I painted a while back, all three are from the original “Heroscape” box game.

All in all I am pretty happy with my new additions and I’ll hopefully be adding yet more characters in the near future (I’ve got my eye on an arch villain to challenge the “Doomwatch” already), but I think I’ll take a break from “Supers” for a while, so next time we have something a bit different.

Till next time “Excelsior!!” Roger.

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9 Responses to 28mm Superheroes (part 4)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Great stuff Roger. Hopefully you’ll do a battle report at some point? Always was a big fan of Mockingbird back when she was in the West Coast Avengers. Looking forward to “something a bit different.”

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Many thanks Blaxkleric, would like to do a battle report at some point, but I’d like to get some scenery done for it first so the pictures are a bit more interesting to look at. Have been over to your blog by the way, some great and good looking stuff there! Cheers Roger.

  3. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, Many thanks for looking. I must confess you’ve forced me to pull out my The Thing model and give it a quick orange undercoat as a result of this article. I like your colour scheme as well though but I’m not so good with the green stuff.

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Blaxkleric, which “Thing” have you got by the way? B.Grimm is probably my favourite hero of all (closely followed by Rogue, I guess I just like my heroes to dislike themselves and their powers!!). I hope the new FF movie will do the Thing justice and CGI him rather than a bloke in a rubber suit like the last 2 efforts (three if you count the Roger Corman film), he should be able to go toe to toe with the Hulk but he wasn’t even as tall as J.Storm in the last one. Don’t hold out much hope on what I’ve read about it so far though.

  5. Blaxkleric says:

    Roger, I think its the same model you converted. My latest blog posting has a piccie of how I’ve undercoated it (and a ref to your blog too). Big fan of the Thing, and he’s definitely up there with Captain America and Howard The Duck as the big three I grew up reading about. I actually liked the rubber suit Thing, it was the terrible scripts (which totally ignored so much Marvel lore) that disappointed me.

  6. Dick Garrison says:

    Yep, thats the thing fig I used too, love the painting challenge idea, it’s so easy to buy these loverly figures on the net or at a show but quite another to actually get some paint on them. thats part of the reason I started this blog to try and light a fire under my bum and get stuff finnished, I used to get quite a bit done while I was writing for Valkyire magazine but after that folded I slipped back into my lazy ways and only tended to pain t up what I needed for the website or stall display.
    I know what you mean about messing with “Marvel lore” thats what puts me off the new spiderman movie, the Rhino is a robot suit, WHAT!!!
    Will be watching your blog to see how Ben Grim turns out and to see if you keep up on the painting challenge. Cheers Roger.

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