28mm Superheroes (part 3)

ghost walker 6Right let’s crack on, first job this week was to finish up the gauntlets on both figures, as you may remember the “live” figure had one of his gauntlets done so I added the other, the “ghost” figure then had ragged clumps added to his wrists to represent where the material had ripped and rotted away, while I had some “greenstuff” mixed I also sorted out the sole of one of their shoes each as the originals were a bit of a mess with “pitting” and a bad mould line, I haven’t taken a photo (it’s really not that exciting).

Next was to add the “Roll tops” to their boots so I mixed up a small amount of “greenstuff” and put small sausages around the shins of the “live” chap and shaped to suit, onto the ghost walker 7“ghost”, but wouldn’t you know I mixed up to little to do both “tops” so I had to settle with just doing the raised leg, see picture. The figures originally had quite deep “clefts” down their legs front and back between their muscles (I didn’t like this, fussy “b” that I am) so filled the front ones with the tiny bit of “greenstuff” I had left, I hate waste!

Next day I was able to finish off the other boot top and with the rest of the “greenstuff” I had mixed I re-sculpted the other boot soles, then I filled in the “cleft’s” at the back of their legs, this did give me the chance to add more holes and tears in the “ghosts” costume, though I’m not sure if the ones on the back will be visible once his cloak is added.

Right before we go any further I’d like to say that I HATE sculpting capes, I can never get ghost walker 8them just how I want them (usually how Bob Olley does them! Don’t you just hate the talented!) but as these were all that was left to do on both figures it was now or never, so starting with the “live” chap I set to work rolling out a tapered rectangle of “greenstuff” between some sticker backing paper I got out of the bin at work (“greenstuff” doesn’t seem to stick to it you see) then draped this across his back before trying (and mostly failing) to add waves/folds to it, after much “faffing” about I got the sort of look I was after and added the pieces over his shoulders to the point where it would clasp under his chin, while this was still soft I decided to add the folded hood behind his head, so a triangle was applied and blended in with an opening at the top, all in all I was pretty pleased with the result, but decided to leave the “ghost” one till the next day.

More “greenstuff” was rolled out for the “ghost” figure as per before and the process was repeated though this time I made the tapered rectangle slightly curved and wider at the ghost walker 9bottom than last time to give the finished cape a more “billowed” feel. Once applied I tried to roughen up the edges, add tears and holes here and there and generally give it a worn appearance. Finally I added two small blobs of “greenstuff” to the sided of his skull and laid a triangle over this shaped it into a hood and ran the edges of this and some over the shoulder pieces down to meet under his chin, some holes and tears later and he was also just about done. Looking at the two figures again I decided that as the join from his back foot to the base was so small  it might be better if the tag on his front foot was left in place for extra strengthening so I disguised it with a bit of “greenstuff” and I’ll paint it as a rock.

Oh well just deciding on a colour scheme, basing and painting now hopefully I’ll have them finished by next week, but we’ll see (I am on nights after all!).

Cheers Roger

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