28mm Superheroes (part 2)

Before I begin I’d just like to say thanks to all those who have checked in on this blog and all their support and encouragements, and now back to the figures. Well the first job to do on my newly arrived figures was to replace the awful “slotta” bases with something smaller and thinner, after a bit of a search I found some old oval metal ones that must have come figures I bought way back in the eighties (yes I am that old!!). So the tags were sanded then “greenstuffed” into the slots and once dry were sanded again underneath and filed away on top (I’ll remove the tag attaching his right foot to the base later on.

As mentioned last time I intended to replace one head with a skull, well I decided that as well as his head I’d show a bit if his rib-cage too, so rather than just removing his head I carried ghost walker 2out some fairly major surgery in the shape of a deep V down into to his torso. Then taking an old plastic “Games Workshop” skeleton I tried to create a “plug” of the right shape that would fill the gap with the right area of ribs/collarbones showing.

Once the skull (from a later GW skeleton) was added. I skimmed over his torso and created the “ripped” open front of his costume, this also ghost walker 3meant that I could cover his “six pack” as it was just a little too extreme for my taste and his body was a little thin front to back. I then noticed that the skull head was a bit larger than the original head (which in turn was a bit smaller than the heads of all our other superhero figures) so I added a “blob” of greenstuff to the top of ghost walker 4the other figures head to even them out.  Once this was dry I wrapped his head in bandages (really thin “sausages” of greenstuff) with just holes for his eyes, extra detail was added with a small sharp knife.

Next day I added more “weight” to his torso so that it would match the other one, and the first of his gauntlets was added at his wrist (yes I know I said I was going to do these in bandages but afterghost walker 5 further thought I decided that this might look better and would tie him in more with “Migraine”). Last jobs for now were to add belts to both figures (again to tie in with the other team members) and attach the skeletal hands to the “ghost”, again from a plastic “GW” sprue (you can see a blob of greenstuff on one, as I cut his forearm a bit short (Doh!!)).

Well that’s where I’m up to at present; I’ll post my progress next weekend.

Cheers Roger.

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1 Response to 28mm Superheroes (part 2)

  1. Blaxkleric says:

    Excellent stuff. Really enjoying your greenstuff work; even “thin” sausages would cause me headaches. Don’t worry about the Eighties, I’ve still a big tin full of citadel pre-slotta stuff in the loft from the late Seventies 🙂 Really looking forward to your next installment, keep it going.

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